NOTE:   Please fill out the application below in its entirety. After submitting the form, please follow the link below the form to pay your dues or submit a check to the following address:

The Grand Krewe of Ptolemy
P.O. Box 240923
Memphis, TN 38124-0923

**Checks must be in hand before the Board can vote**

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Date of Application (Today)
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Cell Phone Number
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Name of Significant Other
Only married couples and domestic partners (living together longer than six months) qualify for spousal membership, however, you may include your significant other's contact info below to receive Krewe communications.
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Significant Other Cell Phone
You are required to have three Ptolemy member sponsors.
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Ptolemy Sponsor 2 Name
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Ptolemy Sponsor 3 Name
Each prospective member must attend at least two Ptolemy events within six months of application in order to qualify for membership.
Please briefly describe why you are interested in joining our Krewe.
Please list any and all other organizations, clubs, or boards you are a part of and your status in that organization.
Krewe Involvement
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